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In the 1980's it took a 25 pair cable (50 wires) to operate each Basic Multi-Line Business Telephone, we were there installing them.....

Back then, you had to run a 25 pair cable for each telephone location, terminate it on a connecting block, and make the connector to plug the phone into, we had to
replace blown fuses, blown bulbs, and to add a longer handset cord you needed a screwdriver to connect to the terminals inside the phone.

In those days a switchboard was not simply plug and play console, we had to install many 25 pair, 50 pair, 100 pair cables and hardwire them to the back of the console
for each line, light, etc....
"When it comes to hiring a company, you want to make sure they have the knowledge base, know how,
and the experience to provide you with the best choices for your business. You need a company that
has an in depth background in the industry, with hands on experience"
When Electronic Business Key (Phone) Systems came along, we were there installing them......
Back then, you had to hardwire the system for the features you wanted..... not a simple programming. Wires
were terminated inside the cabinets to screw terminals in different locations based on the number or lines,
stations, and features the system was configured for.

When 3 pair cable came along to run a Business Telephone, we were there.

There was no real cable standards in the early days, but over time we were there when finally cabling
standards where developed, and the result of that is the BISCI standards of today.

When Category 4 Data cable came into the picture we were there........

When Fiber Optic Backbone cable came into the picture we were there........

When Category 5 and Category 6 cable came along we were there..........
From the early 1980's to date, we have been involved in most every aspect of the communications industry from design, installation, maintenance, and
service. We have been there through all of the industry changes from basic tip and ring to wireless, voip, to fiber to the desktop. We have grown through
our years of hands on experience in the industry from outside plant construction to desktop services.
Through the years we have been involved in the planning, design, implementation, service, and
maintenance of voice and data projects throughout the Southeast US, along with many national roll out

From small businesses, to fortune 500 businesses, hospitals, hotels,  government facilities, financial
institutions, call centers, data centers, to county facilities, and school boards we have been involved in
thousands of projects as the prime, the contractor, or the subcontractor........

Southeast Contractors is build on many years of experience and knowledge to  ensure that your
business is getting the best possible service on the market.
We meet with our clients and go over the Design of their Project(s) in great depth and detail to ensure that we
provide them with a quality, professional turn key solution prior to implementation.

Prior to Implementation we meet with our Team for a Post Construction Meeting to go over every step and phase of
your Project.

During the Project we have weekly update meetings to provide insight and status updates on during the course of the
Southeast Contractors Unlimited is comprised of Individuals that have been in the Industry since the
mid 1980's, bringing many years of hands on training and experience. From old school knowledge to
today's standard practices,

We have the experience and knowledge that your business deserves.....
" We have stood the test of time"
About Us,
Our Goal on every Project or Task is to exceed your expectations in every way possible, now and in the future.
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